Purpose of The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation

 In December 1986, in accordance with the wishes of Igaku-Shoin Ltd. in memory of the late Mr. Ichiro Kanehara, The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation for the Promotion of Medical Sciences and Medical Care was established. Its purpose is to nurture talent and to provide financial assistance towards research in basic medical sciences and medical care.

 In practice, these aims are to be attained by 1) Fostering research; 2) Funding societies of learned researchers, medical conferences, and the cost of sending medical scholars abroad for the purpose of further study; 3) Encouraging foreign scholars to pursue studies in Japan; 4) Furthering publishing projects necessary to stimulate research; and 5) Assisting other activities necessary for attaining the aims of the Foundation.

 The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation started operations in April 1987 and the cumulative amount of the grant for the above-mentioned activities has reached more than one billion yen to date. The recipients of the grants include not only researchers in Japan but also scholars from overseas and the scholarship activities have increasingly attracted more attention. The Ichiro Kanehara Foundation has been approved as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation since April 1, 2012.